Decadence by Poole Pottery

Decadence by Poole Pottery Decadence combines contemporary form with historic glaze. The collection shows the highest of skill from our artisans who hand decorate each piece. Decadence is created by designer Andrew Tanner to move Poole into new audiences whilst exciting the existing Poole Pottery collector. Elegant pinstripes of rich blue glazes, deep reds and contrasting yellow lines are perfectly enhanced by hand applied Gold columns. This collection fuses high design with traditional manufacture. Live with this collection, talk about this collection but most importantly, enjoy it. Decadence really is a true ‘Collectable for the Future’.
Decadence - Purse Vase 26cm

£149.00   £115.00 (Including tax)

Decadence - Metropolitan Vase 23cm

£89.00   £56.50 (Including tax)

Tankard by Poole Pottery - Royal Wedding -...

£19.95   £9.99 (Including tax)