Val D'Or by Royal Albert

Val D'Or by Royal Albert

EST 1962  to 2010

This is Royal Albert tableware for traditional finesse - Val d'Or is translucent white bone china in the baroque Montrose shape with fluted edges, and that extra touch of gold trim on the edges and handles. In short, gilt edged luxury for the tabletop.

For centuries gold has been the most precious metal in the world; wars have been waged over it, people have risked everything to find it and communities have been built around it. This town saw its share of gilded dreams. In 1923, gold was found in the area and the town name literally means “Valley of Gold”. The luxurious item is still mined here today among other ores and minerals. In 1979, the area was declared a provincial historic site due do its major role in the history of Quebec mining. These days the town of 32,000 doesn't take all of its pride from minings. With many outdoor splendours to enjoy, travellers will find that the most precious feature of the valley lies above ground.

Val D'Or Coffee Pot 1.5pint by Royal Albert

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Val D'Or Coffee Saucer by Royal Albert

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Val D'Or Coffee Cream by Royal Albert

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Val D'Or 16" Platter / Oval Dish by Royal ...

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