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Burgundy (Pair) - Wine Master by Dartington

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You don't have to be a wine expert to taste the difference that using Winemaster can make. Each glass is carefully shaped and balanced to complement the characteristics of your chosen wine. The Burgundy glass, for those lovers of this style, is a most important glass to own. Drinking great Pinot Noir from anywhere in the world out of an unsuitable glass will result in missing out on many of the more subtle aromatic nuances and textural pleasures of this truly great wine style. The large, wide bowl is essential to allow the complex aromas of the wine to harmonise. A wide lip also helps to rein in the typically high acidity and to accentuate the creamy texture of the wine. Italian red wine lovers will need this glass too if the great reds of Piemonte, namely Barolo and Barbaresco, rate high on the list. Nebbiolo, the grape variety responsible for these great red wines, is similar in many ways to Pinor Noir and hence needs a similar glass. Dimensions: 230mm (h) 65cl


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