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Chef's Taster (Pair) - Wine Master by Dartington

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You don't have to be a wine expert to taste the difference that using Winemaster can make. Each glass is carefully shaped and balanced to complement the characteristics of your chosen wine. For the serious wine enthusiast or, like me, the tasting professional, there is a strong need for an extremely analytical glass that shows every facet of all wines - 'warts and all'. There are several reasons for this. Most importantly, before committing to purchasing several bottles of wine, a good tasting glass will give a frank appraisal of the wine and will highlight any faults that it may have. Secondly, if you seriously want to learn about wine you will need a set of tasting glasses that most clearly demonstrate the differences between one wine and another, to give you that all important edge in blind wine tastings. It is this glass, the Wine Master Chef's Taster, that convinced me not only of the quality of Dartington Crystal, but also of the functional performance of the glasses. This is the only tasting glass that I now use in analytical assessments of both red and white wines submitted to me from all over the world, every working day of my life. Dimensions: 210mm (h) 38cl


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