Colman's Mustard - 170g

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In 1814, Jeremiah Colman first advertised his mustard in the Norwich Chronicle. He made his mustard at a water mill just south of Norwich, and in keeping with the day, the business was family-run. The Colman family's pioneering achievements in social welfare are part of Norwich's history.

In 1857 a school was opened for the employees' children, while in 1864 the firm employed a nurse to help sick members of staff - a social revolution at the time.

In 1866 the distinctive red and yellow livery was introduced to the label. That same year, the ultimate seal of approval came when the company was granted the Royal Warrant as manufacturers to Queen Victoria. The Warrant can still be seen on all Colman's products today.

In 1903, Colman's purchased a rival mustard manufacturer that was originally known as Keen & Son. The manufacturer had made their mustard a household name and spawned the well-known saying 'keen as mustard'.


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