African Cheetah Cub - Limited Edition Paperweight by Royal Crown Derby

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Modelled by Richard T Roberts

Hand Painted and Signed by Jackie Morrison

Dimensions: Height 17.25cm, Width 8.5cm, Depth 10.5cm

Royal Crown Derby is proud to present the newest addition into the Big Cat Collection, the beautifully sculpted and hand painted African Cheetah Cub. Crafted by our most experienced artists and makers, only 250 of these superbly hand-crafted and prestigious pieces will be produced.

The African Cheetah Cub sits proudly at 17.25cm, the stunning hand-painted detailing wonderfully depicts the intricate coat markings which are individual to each cub. The light flecks adorn the body of this truly special piece representing the Cub's mantle; a light fur which covers the cub's body to help camouflage it as it grows and lose once it matures. These markings are unique to each sculpture making the African Cheetah Cub a beautiful one off piece.

This beautiful sculptural piece is a perfect accompaniment to the prestigious limited edition of 100 African Cheetah; each of which has been hand painted in Royal Crown Derby's historic Osmaston Works in the heart of England. These Stunning Creations make a truly elegant mother and child pairing.

Please note that number requests can be processed following your order by contacting our customer service team, but cannot be guaranteed.

Reference: 91HANLIM62628


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