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Golden Eagle - Limited Edition Paperweight by Royal Crown Derby

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Modelled by Hilary Walker

Designed By Sarah Whitehurst

Dimensions: Height 24cm Width 17.75cm Depth 14cm

Limited Edition of 750

Introducing the majestic Golden Eagle. Symbolising power, strength, beauty and grace, the eagle has been beautifully designed with detailing the delicately outlined feather work shaded in earthy shades of burnt orange and a tonal range of browns to bring to life the natural beauty of the bird, embellished in 22 carat gold as part of the feather detail and key features such as the beak, tail feathers and talons.

The base features the eagles prey and spruces native to Northern America and Canada inspired by totems drawing on the prominence the Golden Eagle has in Native American and Canadian culture. Being highly regarded as a sacred bird of prey particularly associated with courage, wisdom, leadership and magic as the golden eagle is seen as man’s connection to the divine as it flies higher than any other bird and can deliver messages to and from the spirit; they play a major role in the religious ceremonies of many tribes.

For those collectors of the prestigious limited edition collection will not be disappointed with the limited edition Golden Eagle, presented in its own gift box together with a numbered certificate.


Reference: 91PAPLIM62573


  • Limited Edition
  • Paperweight


  • Bone China


  • Birds
  • Royal Crown Derby
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  • Christmas