William & Kate - Engagement Wooden Jigsaw

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Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle - 250 pieces including specially shaped "Whimsey" pieces

3mm thick wooden board made in the U.K.

Maxi size 360mm x 250mm (14.2" x 9.8")

A Wentworth Wooden Puzzle is finely cut using state of the art lasers to create a premium quality jigsaw that will be a treasured gift or momento for years to come.
Each puzzle includes unique Wentworth "whimsy" jigsaw pieces often shaped to reflect the image theme, which are guaranteed to entertain and delight!
Wentworth Puzzles often feature no two pieces the same, no corner shapes and straight edges in middle pieces, for an irresistible challenge that will tantalize and tease for hours!
A Wentworth Puzzle is a traditional British classic with a modern twist, inspired by yesterday but created for today. Once tried, no ordinary jigsaw will do!
  • Childrens Ware


  • 10" / 27cms


  • Edwards China