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Port Glass (Pair) - Wine Master by Dartington

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You don't have to be a wine expert to taste the difference that using Winemaster can make. Each glass is carefully shaped and balanced to complement the characteristics of your chosen wine. The Port glass brings alive the complex plummy-spicy flavours of Vintage and Tawny ports. Both bottle-aged Vintage port and wood-aged Tawny varieties exhibit intensely rich but subtly different flavours. While it is usual to serve port in smaller glasses, this Wine Master stem allows a generous amount to be poured and then for the wine to be properly nosed and appreciated. Tannic Vintage port will benefit from being served rather warmer than Tawny, which has lost its tannin during the long period spent in the barrel. Any port that is well aged will have thrown a heavy sediment. It is important therefore to decant them carefully before serving. Unfortunately, once opened, port rarely keeps. To enjoy it at its best your port should be finished up within two or three weeks. Dimensions: 160mm (h) 16cl


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